Reece Howell, III
Director of Operations

A career aviator known for conveying complex information in a simple and easy-to-understand way, Reece is the nation’s foremost authority on piloting MU2’s. He has logged more than 33,500 flight hours – 18,900+ in the Mitsubishi MU-2B. He has flown the MU2 both corporate and Part 135 for 30+ years and is also rated in Learjet, BA-3100 and Commercial Privileges Rotorcraft – Helicopter. Holds FAA Pilot Examiner (since 11/1991), PE, CIRE, FIE, ATPE, SPE/SFIE. 

In November of 2008 Reece was enshrined as a member of the TENNESSEE AVIATION HALL OF FAME, received the Wright Brothers “MASTER PILOT AWARD”, for 50+ years of aviation without any incident, and was named “FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR 2008”. 

Through the years, Reece has built a company based on hands-on flight training designed to graduate pilots who are competent and confident in operating their aircraft

Jerry Adcock
Certified Flight Instructor

I began my aviation career working line service in Murfreesboro, Tennessee in 1986 while studying aerospace at MTSU.  After flight instructing and building time, I settled in hauling checks with Tennessee Air Corporation.  In time, I moved to Paragon Air Express, where I became Chief Pilot and Check Airman.  In 1997, I began flying an F-model Mitsubishi for Nascar driver Bobby Hamilton, Sr.  I was with him until he passed away in 2007.  Since then, I have flown for Bobby Hamilton, Jr., and as a contract pilot for a wide array of MU-2 owners.  I  have 10,000+ hours total with 4,500+ hours being in various models of MU-2’s.

I look forward to carrying on Howell Enterprises’ tradition of excellence and safety in flight training.

Al Watson

I have been flying since 1963. I have about 3,000 hours flight instructing and 18,000+ hours flying. I have an ATP pilot certificate for single engine land and sea and multi- engine land. I have been a flight instructor since 1968 and was an examiner for ten years on King Airs and Learjets and taught Learjet ground school for fifteen years. I flew MU-2’s for McDowell Inc. in Nashville and Holloway Construction in Wixom Michigan. I flew for Lockheed Aircraft in Saudi Arabia, Hamilton Oil Corp. in Denver Co., and served as Chief Pilot and Director of Operations for Corporate Flight Mgmt. I flew for Nortel Networks in Nashville and have extensive overseas experience.

When Reece wants to be annoyed I teach ground school for him, but I really come for the lunch. I look forward to seeing you in class.
T. William "Bill" White
Certified Flight Instructor
I have been flying since 1963 and have been a Flight Instructor since 1966. Since then I have logged over 4000 hours instructing. My total flight time is 39,300 hours with 24,300 in the MU2.
In August 1969 I went to work as Chief Pilot for Keller Companies, Inc. at Manchester, NH “MHT”, flying a Riley Rocket Cessna 310. In 1970 we purchased our first MU2B. I currently operate a MU-2B-26 (M model) a MU-2B-60 (Marq.) and a Falcon 10 for Keller. Since 1969 our corporate flight department has flown over 72,000 accident free hours of which 60,000 has been in the MU2.
My initial MU2 training was at the original MU2 factory school in 1970 and then Flight Safety until 1990. Since 1990 all training has been with Howell Enterprises. In 1995 we started on site training at “Howell North” at Manchester. Reece and Ronald have made the trip a yearly tradition
In late 2006 I became a MU2 qualified SFAR instructor with Reece and I am proud to help with Mitsubishi training at “Howell Enterprises, Inc-North”
 Maggie BarnesMaggie Barnes
Office Manager

My first exposure to aviation came when I met my father-in-law, Air Force Colonel Thomas Barnes.  He flew F100’s and F111’s, and when he retired, he became involved in the restoration of WWII aircraft with the Confederate Air Force.
When I became a customer service representative at Smyrna Air Center, I grew to love the excitement of working at an airport – it was a challenging job and no two days were alike.
I’m thrilled to be back at the airport again and look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you might have regarding your flight training needs.